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X2 Wolverine’s Revenge

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Genre: Action
Publisher: Activision
Release Date: 4/15/2003
Language: English
Rating: Teen

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“Featuring an original storyline written exclusively for Activision by comics industry legend Larry Hama and featuring the voices of Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart X-Men: Wolverines Revenge allows players to assume the role of Wolverine everyones favourite cigar smoking badass member of the X-Men. In the game Wolverine faces a race against time to find an antidote to the viral time bomb thats just been discovered in his system. With only 48 hours to live Wolverine returns to the clandestine Department H facility deep in the Canadian wilderness to uncover the terrible secrets behind the Weapon X laboratory and the experiments that turned the mutant hero into a savage killing machine.

As with all mutants Wolverine has unique abilities that set him apart from the rest of humanity ? deadly claws to hack and slash foes animal-like super senses to assist in tracking enemies or avoiding foes an enhanced mutant healing factor and unbreakable bones to withstand devastating amounts of punishment and superior strength and reflexes for an added edge in a fight. In X-Men: Wolverines Revenge players will have to master all of these skills in order to defeat the sinister forces massing against them led by arch-villains Juggernaut Wendigo Magneto and Sabertooth. Luckily players wont have to face the onslaught alone and can expect occasional backup from fellow X-Men including Professor-X and the Beast.

  • Superhuman Mutant Powers – Unsheathe Wolverines trademark claws to shred your enemies. Withstand counterattacks using your unbreakable adamantium-bonded skeleton and accelerated healing ability.
  • High Adrenaline Action and Stealth Gameplay – Players must employ advanced stealth techniques to infiltrate high-security locations. If confronted players can perform spectacular Wolverine combat moves in epic superhero battles. But beware: almost everything around the gamer is combustible destructible or capable of being thrown at the player.
  • Dependable Allies and Malicious Foes – Good friends Beast and Colossus join the fight as the player takes on archenemies Sabertooth Wendigo Juggernaut Omega Red and Magneto. Professor Charles Xavier provides hints and clues through a telepathic link.
  • Captivating Storyline – A completely original tension-inducing storyline developed by comics legend Larry Hama featuring the voices of Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart.

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