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Pikmin 2

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Genre: Adventure; Strategy
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: 8/30/2004
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

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“To save Captain Olimars company he must salvage all the treasure buried on the Pikmin planet. You must help him and his new assistant Louie command the multi-talented Pikmin creatures as they embark on their treasure-hunting journey. The player controls either Olimar or Louie as they explore the planet harvesting and using the Pikmin to help them on their mission. Single button commands can also be directed by players to the Pikmin themselves. With two all-new types of Pikmin White and Purple plus the original Red Yellow and Blue each character can be controlled simultaneously no matter where they are on the planet. They each have their own unique strengths and weaknesses including resistance to water or fire the ability to open gates pick up and move heavy objects break down walls and attack enemies.

  • With no time limit in this game each fun packed challenge can also be completed at your leisure. With complex puzzles to crack and over 60 different monsters to overcome Pikmin 2 is sure to challenge players to the limit. In addition to the outstanding single player game the brand new split-screen two player Challenge and Battle modes give a whole extra dimension to the Pikmin experience.
  • Gameplay takes place below ground as well as above ground with new underground areas to explore including caves which are randomly generated each time the players enter them. With so much treasure to collect and many monsters to defeat Pikmin 2 is set to keep players amused for hours.
  • With its bright and fun visuals Pikmin 2 is crammed full of adventure and is a brilliant follow-up to Shigeru Miyamotos classic Pikmin game released across Europe in June 2002.

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