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Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence – PlayStation 4

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Genre: Action; Strategy
Publisher: TECMO KOEI Europe
Release Date: 9/4/2015
Language: English
Rating: 12+

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“This title centring around creating a realistic dynamic and dramatic playing experience requires a high level of concentration and skill as players will need to master three key verticals in order to become a well-rounded ruler and successfully beat the game: Creation Diplomacy and War.

In Creation they are called to build up their clans standing deal with everyday issues like building farms & roads growing the economy entering trade agreements with neighbouring fiefs etc.

Diplomacy is a playground for cultivating diplomatic relationships employing spies creating alliances gaining the loyalty of subordinate officers and growing in strength via marriage oaths of fealty and treaties.

Finally to succeed in War players must train troops level up officers according to the clans needs fortify defences strategically position armies and attack (or defend) to further their goals and grow their dominion.”

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