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Genre: RPG; Action/Adventure
Publisher: Nintendo
Release Date: 6/7/2004
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

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“Long ago a valiant hero defeated an evil wind demon known as Vaati and imprisoned him with a powerful magical seal. Over time the magical seal weakened ? now Vaati has escaped and abducted Princess Zelda and the six Shrine Maidens. To thwart Vaatis nefarious forces legendary hero Link turns to the mystical power of the Four Sword to split himself into four colored copies of himself. Armed with four times the sword-power the fearsome foursome embarks on a quest to collect Force Gems and save Princess Zelda. Their journey will take them through enemy-infested lands and puzzle-plagued dungeons.

  • Gather your friends and head to Hyrule for a legendary quest that fuses intense Zelda? multiplayer competitive and cooperative game play. Four Swords Adventures features a unique game-play system that incorporates both the GBA and the TV ? when you enter a structure or delve underground your character switches from the TV to your GBA; when you emerge the frantic action shifts back onto the main screen.
  • Finally ? multiplayer Zelda for Nintendo GameCube! Up to four players can link their Game Boy Advance systems to a Nintendo GameCube system to join a fun and frantic competition for Force Gems and special items while cooperating to move massive blocks trigger switches and slay mighty bosses. Explore the eight massive worlds of the Hyrulean Adventure mode or just fight your friends in Shadow Battle mode!
  • As a single player youll assume control of all four Links and command their every move by seamlessly switching between battle formations. Youll have to use your wits and all four heroes to overcome obstacles and execute devastating four-sword whirlwind attacks.
  • The high-resolution top-down play perspective features dazzling visual effects like vivid colored lighting silky-smooth water ripples swirling smoke and stylized weather effects.

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