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HSX: Hypersonic.xtreme

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Genre: Racing
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
Release Date: 1/15/2003
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

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“As predicted the apocalypse arrived and changed the world as we know it. It took decades for mankind to rebuild civilization but he did and with it came fantastic advancements in technology. One of these was a new form of jet propulsion that allowed for unbelievable speeds to be reached. Huge racecourses were constructed criss-crossing the planet that gave form to a new kind of race – G-Surfers.

Experience the ultimate adrenalin rush as you compete against 15 other vehicles on tracks incorporating twists turns loops corkscrews and jumps all at stomach-churning break-neck speeds! Lightning reactions and a cool head are a must if you want to win.

G-Surfers also includes its own track creation system that gives you the power to design and build your own courses; the only limit is your own imagination.

  • Two-player split screen mode play through cups or just one off races.
  • The record number of polygons in any game – estimated at over one trillion polygons
  • One player Time Trial and Cup racing modes.
  • Each cup features six races set at real locations around the world.
  • Incredible detailed vehicles created from Bezier patches – turbulence will make wings and fins visibly wobble.
  • Trackman track editor. Create your own track and make it as wild as you like. Lay your track anywhere on Earth.
  • Apply all kind of effects to your track – lay mines speed-ups and power-ups sand water fire and wobbly track. All these variables have an effect on the vehicles race performance.
  • Lay corkscrews loop-the-loops forked tracks and more.
  • A massive selection of options in the editor from futuristic cities to battle-scarred war zones.
  • Incredible sound effects and 30 great dance tracks.
  • Choose from a wide range of craft each with their own individual statistics.

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