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Capcom Puzzle World

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Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Capcom
MultiPlayer: Wi-Fi
Release Date: 2/6/2007
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

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“Capcom Puzzle World provides gem busting mayhem at its best with the cult hit Super Puzzle Fighter II. This time around in addition to the renowned Super Puzzle Fighter II: X gem breaking mode two new never-before-released-in-the-US options will be added to increase the level of addictiveness. Super Puzzle Fighter II: Y has players group similar colors to create groups of three or more. Once the colors are line up they break and charge up the Change Gem meter creating furious chains for come-from-behind wins! With the Super Puzzle Fighter II: Z mode the rules are the same as X but instead of falling blocks the play field raises and the first one to the top loses. The key to victory is rotating the gems already on the field by using a 2×2 marker to clear the blocks. Gamers can also create custom attack patterns in Counter Gem Edit Mode and hone their skills in Training Mode.

Block Block is an innovative twist to the block breaking genre. Released for the arcades in 1990 Block Block features a two player co-op mode allowing for the cooperative destruction of blocks. Also unique to this title was the constantly shrinking paddle that forced player to finish each board as quickly as possible.

Originally released for the PlayStation game console the Buster Bros. Collection is a simple yet extremely addictive three-games-in-one puzzle shooter that consists of Buster Bros Super Buster Bros and Buster Buddies. An arcade hit Buster Bros has one or two players navigating through over 50 timed environmental stages shooting all the bubbles on screen while avoiding contact. Super Buster Bros is an updated version of its predecessor with improved graphics and the inclusion of Panic Mode which added 99 levels of feverish action. Buster Buddies was the last version of the series to be released in the arcades featuring four original characters different stages and more bonus items.

All the games in Capcom Puzzle World have been retouched and updated to conform to the PSP systems 16×9 widescreen aspect ratio. As unique as the games themselves this latest compilation is the first PSP system title to feature a screenshot mode that allows gamers to take a snap shot of their victory. Also import personal pictures into Capcom Puzzle World to be used as game backgrounds for all three Buster Bros. games. Moreover infiltrate a friends game by virally uploading high scores onto their handheld. With an intuitive ad hoc multiplayer mode one or two players can face off in gem breaking pandemonium or team up for frantic bubble busting fun.

  • Five of Capcoms best puzzle games brought together especially for the PSP system:
  • Super Puzzle Fighter II with never-before-released in the US content
  • Block Block an innovative twist to the block breaking genre
  • Buster Bros. Collection the three-games-in-one puzzle shooter
  • The first PSP system game with a screenshot mode. Stop any game at any time to take a snap shot of the moment
  • Customize Buster Bros. game backgrounds by uploading personal pictures
  • Intuitive wireless ad hoc multiplayer game set ups
  • Virally transfer high score data to and from others systems

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